Word of the day

Benison (noun) – a blessing, esp oral, or benediction.   ‘The autumn sunshine was a benison, which could not be expected to last’ Death Comes to Pemberley by PD James    

Bookclub bravery

Tonight I joined a newly founded bookclub, a flyer for which I saw in the local library. I’ve been a member of another bookclub for over a year now and it’s been so much fun that it was impossible to resist the temptation to join another more local one. Before I joined a bookclub, much … More Bookclub bravery

Sunday Miscellany

Every Sunday morning, RTE 1, the national radio broadcaster here in Ireland, puts out a show called Sunday Miscellany, as they have done since long before I was born and as I hope they will do for many years to come. Sunday mornings mean Sunday Miscellany Its new radio essays and occasional poetry followed by … More Sunday Miscellany

That’s that then.

“I’ve started so I’ll finish” as Magnus Magnusson used to say. I started NaBloPoMo two days late, so today marks my 30th day of posting.  And just in time as December is always a little bit hectic chez moi. As someone new to blogging, I’m glad I participated, although I found it tricky at times. … More That’s that then.

Walking on Words

Tonight’s entry is bizarrely inspired by the carpet in my hotel room, which is printed with these words from John Keats: ASLEEP! O sleep a little while, white pearl! And let me kneel, and let me pray to thee, And let me call Heaven’s blessing on thine eyes, And let me breathe into the happy … More Walking on Words

Localised showers

I’m off to London in the morning and, of course, I haven’t finished my small amount of packing yet. All day I’ve been meaning to check the local weather forecast to be sure I’m bringing the right shoes and all day I’ve found other small things to distract me. If I’m honest, the closest I’ve … More Localised showers