Sunday Miscellany

Every Sunday morning, RTE 1, the national radio broadcaster here in Ireland, puts out a show called Sunday Miscellany, as they have done since long before I was born and as I hope they will do for many years to come. Sunday mornings mean Sunday Miscellany Its new radio essays and occasional poetry followed by … More Sunday Miscellany

Localised showers

I’m off to London in the morning and, of course, I haven’t finished my small amount of packing yet. All day I’ve been meaning to check the local weather forecast to be sure I’m bringing the right shoes and all day I’ve found other small things to distract me. If I’m honest, the closest I’ve … More Localised showers

Lyrical lullabies

I’ve spent the day editing someone else’s words, in a field of study which leaves me a little uninspired. So tonight finds me both lacking in words and in search of inspiration. While I think a couple of hours of sleep should restore both to me, I’m hedging my bets and have lined up some … More Lyrical lullabies

Word of the day

Grace note (noun) a notation in written music, indicating the presence of a note which is not essential to the melody or harmony but which instead provides a musical embellishment or ornamentation. Grace notes are used extensively in the notation of traditional Irish music and the main trad show on RTE Lyric fm takes its … More Word of the day

A hopeful sound

I’m off to see Sigur Ros in concert this evening and am beyond excited. I’ve been brushing up on my hopelandic in preparation, though I fear all my efforts may be futile – it’s not like I can reach the high notes anyway! For those unfamiliar with the musical genius of Sigur Ros, hopelandic is … More A hopeful sound