Bookclub bravery

Tonight I joined a newly founded bookclub, a flyer for which I saw in the local library. I’ve been a member of another bookclub for over a year now and it’s been so much fun that it was impossible to resist the temptation to join another more local one. Before I joined a bookclub, much … More Bookclub bravery

One more and I’d have 12 books of Christmas

It’s after the 8th of December so Christmas is now an acceptable topic of conversation in our household. These recent days have been all about planning meals (new vegetarian in the family for Christmas dinner!), practicing carols, digging decorations out of the attic and, although we’d love to have it all done since July, shopping! … More One more and I’d have 12 books of Christmas

Home Decor

Here, have a random bookshelf! This is a fairly typical example of my book shelving. There’s a mixture of old and new, adult lit and child lit, even some unread titles waiting for me. ┬áThere’s a little comfort reading, a book for winter and two books for summer. One non-fiction title, which seems about the … More Home Decor