Signed, sealed, delivered!

Today I’m trying to put the last of my Christmas cards in the post. I so love writing and receiving cards and have amassed a mini-library of Christmas cards over the years which I try to match with the recipient as best I can. Some I’ve held on to since I was a teenager, others I’ve picked up on my travels. The aim is always that each is recognisable as ‘an Em card’, even if the handwriting on my return-to-sender address is illegible.

As I was trying to get all my stamps at right angles to the envelope corners, the thought came to me that, if I knew you all away from the internet and, provided it was appropriate, of course you’d all be on my Christmas card list! So, with best wishes for this festive season from my home to yours, let me send you one of my many carefully chosen Christmas cards…

a special Christmas present
Entitled ‘A Special Christmas Present’, this is of course a rather glamorous LP and I!
scottie dog
At Christmas, we wrestle LP into a festive bandana, but she’d never stand for a big bow like this wee Scottie!
animals all
‘Animals all’. A lot of my cards have an animal theme.
or images from children’s books, like this one by John Burningham
Christmas treasury
or this one by Michael Foreman
or this one from JRR Tolkien
the snowman
and it wouldn’t be Christmas without Raymond Briggs!
once upon a christmas
I love this one from the Bodleian Library
city street
and this city street scene from Paris
over the rooftops
This one is called ‘Over the Rooftops’, and given the gusty weather here today it might reach your house all the sooner!
house in the snow
A quiet little card, I love the lines in this one
village green
as I also do in this ‘Village Green’ scene
This is one of my favourite cards. I’ve had this selection since I was in an Amnesty International group in secondary school. It’s of Trinity College Dublin, which is where I did my first degree and a place that is very close to my heart.
silver tree 63
A few Decembers ago I was in the Geffrye Museum in London. The Geffrye is devoted to the history of the home and they had a number of rooms decorated in various styles of Christmas through the decades. I couldn’t resist these postcards. This one is called Silver Tree, 1963. I remember my granddad had a silver Christmas tree though I doubt it was museum material!
60s room
Christmas in the 1960s room
1990s Christmas
This one looks a bit more familiar – Christmas 1990s-style
Town and Country Homes 1930
The December 1930 issue of ‘Town and Country Homes’
Edwardian Christmas
An Edwardian Christmas. I covet that fireplace.
aesthetic style christmas
And an Aesthetic style Christmas, not a lick of tinsel in sight!

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