That’s that then.

“I’ve started so I’ll finish” as Magnus Magnusson used to say. I started NaBloPoMo two days late, so today marks my 30th day of posting.  And just in time as December is always a little bit hectic chez moi.

As someone new to blogging, I’m glad I participated, although I found it tricky at times. I hope it’s been a month of worthwhile posts, rather than redundant space-filling.

Thanks to those who joined in and along over the past month. I’ve had fun and I hope you’ve enjoyed it too.

I’ve had a dangling carrot motivating me for the past thirty days and it’s time to exchange it for my promised reward. I’m off to treat myself to a box of Ladurée macaroons, you’re all welcome to a virtual taste!

Ladurée loveliness

2 thoughts on “That’s that then.

  1. I love macaroons too. Well done on the 30 day challenge – I didn’t realise you had taken it on, just noticed that you were a prolific poster. I’ve enjoyed them though and started following during this month, so it’s win/win, eh?

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