Word of the day is …dog!


Today I’ve been prioritizing reading over writing but someone thought she might take advantage of it being a quiet night and pop up to say hello! Allow me to introduce the transversal geodesic round these parts, otherwise known as Lil-Pups.

LP would like it to be known that she is a big fan of books, especially second-hand ones because they usually smell the most interesting. She’s also in favour of shorter works, particularly the kind that can be held open with one hand, leaving the other free for tummy rubs. The lack of opposable thumbs means she’s at a disadvantage when it comes to keeping my page for me but she tries to make up for it by always knowing the whereabouts of my current read.

Just as well it's not a page-turner!
Just as well it’s not a page-turner!
Psst! It's behind you!
Psst! It’s behind you!

LP and I have been companions of the road for over six years now. Before she came home with us, I didn’t have much experience when it came to canines. It was a steep learning curve at times but now, as someone who aims to blog about words, I’d run out of them if I tried to describe what she means to me. The closest I can usually come is to resort to my training and alienate people with talk of sign, signifier and signified. Once I used to think I knew what the word ‘dog’ meant but now, for me, forevermore, LP will always be the signified behind the signifier.

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