Lyrical lullabies

I’ve spent the day editing someone else’s words, in a field of study which leaves me a little uninspired. So tonight finds me both lacking in words and in search of inspiration. While I think a couple of hours of sleep should restore both to me, I’m hedging my bets and have lined up some of my favourite songs to play me to dreamland. It’s a playlist made up of simple melodies, clear voices and lyrics to latch on to.

Here’s one to share – ‘Always Will’ by Nanci Griffith. I love it for its romance, realism, simplicity and the honest little two lines of chorus:

“Hey, you always stood me still. Hey, you always will.”

2 thoughts on “Lyrical lullabies

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! I haven’t seen or listened to Nanci Griffith for so long … brought tears to my eyes and you’re so right – I adore that chorus and the ‘father’s tie’ line. It’s up there with ‘I first saw you picking oranges in Orlando …’ šŸ™‚

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! She’s got a real gift for storytelling. I too love ‘Never Mind’ – it’s the simplicity of lyric that always impresses me. ‘Well I always thought that we, but never mind.’ Can’t you just hear someone actually saying it? All those hopes and unuttered plans just being thrown away? Breaks my heart!

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