Do you dare?

Following Annabel’s lead, I’m all signed up for The TBR Triple Dog Dare. From the beginning of January to the end of March, I shall be reading only books already on my shelves.

I have previously only undertaken reading challenges on LibraryThing so this will be something new. And sorely needed, let me tell you! I may have already had a go this year at clearing a set number of books from Mount To-Be-Read, but it all went astray somewhere around July in sunny Italy. For some reason reading a book about child sexual abuse, just because I’d said I would, at the same time as organising a hen party by sunny Lake Garda, put me off the task.

I always do better when held accountable. And, although sensible staid me has little experience of dares, isn’t there usually a forfeit? I dread to think! While it all seems friendly at Ready when you are, C.B. and Dakota seems unlikely to castigate in case of failure, my own doggy companion would probably relish the thought of enforcing a triple-walk forfeit!

For the moment though, even just signing up has inspired a flurry of goodwill towards some books which have might have been ‘loved long since, and lost a while.’ My current read is one which I’ve started a couple of times over the past few years – maybe I’ll even finish it before The Triple Dog Dare kicks in! My dog shall be monitoring my progress with one eye on her leash.

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