London calling

As often as I can afford it I pop over to London for a few days. It’s usually because there’s something on in the theatre that I’d like to see, or an exhibition that I want to visit. Sometimes it’s to eat at a particular restaurant. Once it was simply to taste a cupcake. (I’d been working my way through a certain bakery’s cookbook and not having much success, so first hand research was imperative. Ah, Celtic Tiger, where have you skulked off to?!)

Usually, I have work to take with me and my travel reading material is often a little dry and not always improved by my ever-present red pen. But I’m off to London for a short visit at the end of the month and, fingers crossed, I shall be free to read for pleasure. I’m in the mood to read something London-centric, but my shelves aren’t throwing anything at me. (That’s how we describe it in my house when a tottering pile of books unbalances and something falls down, as in “That book positively threw itself at me, I just had to read it!”) As my mother always says “If you have a problem, ask for help”, so…help?

What’s your favourite London read? Mine are Bleak House by Charles Dickens and Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere but I’m not in the mood to reread either of those. If I don’t receive outside intervention, my most likely choice will be Helen Humphreys’ The Frozen Thames, which means I’ll absolutely have to go ice-skating  at the Natural History Museum, which means that some poor stranger is at risk of losing a limb or worse, so it’s nothing less than a civic responsibility to suggest titles to me!

???????????????????????????????In exchange, have this picture of the Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich, which is my favourite place in London. And, before you ask, yes, I have seen Thor: The Dark World. I will be making a small side-trip during my stay in London just to ensure that no heritage sites were actually harmed in the making of that movie. 3-D makes it all too realistic, you know?!

2 thoughts on “London calling

  1. Yup, Harry Potter is closely linked with London for me too, but the films more than the books. My brother and I travelled to London to see The Order of the Phoenix in IMAX, as there was no IMAX screen in Dublin at the time. Fun times!

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