Marking the occasion

The work of a glorious spring day is done; the dog has been walked; the dishes are drying; the floor has been mopped. Time to put my pragmatic side to bed and indulge the romantic in me for a while because if you can’t abandon yourself to love poems on today of all days, when … More Marking the occasion

Farewell, Fourteen!

The Christmases rip around quick enough…only the minutes are rugged. – Edna O’Brien Another year I’m not sorry to say goodbye to. These past few months have been defined by sad news and sadder losses, including the death of my father-in-law – a true and faithful gentleman and role model of honour. For several of … More Farewell, Fourteen!

Word of the day

Benison (noun) – a blessing, esp oral, or benediction.   ‘The autumn sunshine was a benison, which could not be expected to last’ Death Comes to Pemberley by PD James    

Bookclub bravery

Tonight I joined a newly founded bookclub, a flyer for which I saw in the local library. I’ve been a member of another bookclub for over a year now and it’s been so much fun that it was impossible to resist the temptation to join another more local one. Before I joined a bookclub, much … More Bookclub bravery

Sunday Miscellany

Every Sunday morning, RTE 1, the national radio broadcaster here in Ireland, puts out a show called Sunday Miscellany, as they have done since long before I was born and as I hope they will do for many years to come. Sunday mornings mean Sunday Miscellany Its new radio essays and occasional poetry followed by … More Sunday Miscellany